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  barcelona, a charming city,

you'll just love it

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A bit about myself                                 sandra2008            

I have US nationality. Childhood in California and grew up in Barcelona but... born in Bolivia. 

My name is Sandra Burela. I arrived in Barcelona in 1971 when I was 6 years old. One of those strange twists life does. My family came on holiday to visit relatives and do to a bunch of circumstances we just stayed. 

I feel very lucky having a diverse background. It's fun when somebody asks me the question "Where are you from?" Depending on where I am, who is asking and the context of the question... my answer can be different and sometimes long.

I inherited the adventurous and open minded genes from my North American mum.... and the Bolivian genes from my dad gave me a Latin taste for life.... And I grew up immersed in Catalan culture. I speak Spanish, Catalan and English fluently and I'm in love with the city of Barcelona.

I have worked in many areas, always involved with direct contact with people in sales, marketing and event organizing.

Currently I also do other tours in Spanish and in Catalan and on special subjects too:

I've always heard and read: "Do what you love". I found I really enjoyed meeting new people and showing them around Barcelona, so I decided to do this in a more professional way... and voilà!  Here we are!

Hope to meet you soon!

Best wishes,







"Hi Sandra,

We just got back a few days ago from the rest of our trip.  We look back with very fond memories about you and the wonderful arrangements you made for us while we were in Barcelona.  Not only did you show us exactly what we had requested and made it so interesting, but you were very kind to help us figure out how to go around on our own (which I don't think most guides would have bothered with)  You can rest assured if anyone asks me what to do and see in Barcelona, I will tell them I have just the person they need in Barcelona.   Sincerely,  Maureen & Herman Roszler  Los Angeles California (February 17th 2009)"